"At Schatzis it is our aim to ensure that everyone has a meal they can enjoy regardless of any dietary requirements, preferences or choices. Flexibility and adapdability of our menu together with a well informed team means that you will get the meal you want "

Please discuss any dietary needs with our friendly team members

Starters/Light Meals

  • Kaiser Rolls (2) or Gluten Free Bread (2 slices)

Served warm with Butter or Balsamic & Olive Oil or Garlic Butter or Wholegrain Mustard Butter - $8.00


  • Soup of the Day

With a Warm Roll or Gluten Free Bread - $13.00


  • Garlic or Chilli Prawns

Black Tiger Prawn Tails Pan Seared with Fresh Garlic or Chilli, Riesling & Cream, Served on a bed of lettuce and Jasmine Rice  

      Entrée $25.00    Main $30.00


  • Cajun Beef Salad

Slices of Cajun Crusted Eye Fillet over Mixed Lettuce with a Honey & Seeded Mustard Dressing - $25.00


  • Bruschetta (2 Pieces)

Slices of Crusty Wholegrain Mustard Bread Topped with Fetta

Tomato, Spanish Onion, Cucumber & Basil Salsa. Drizzled with Balsamic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. - $13.00


Topped with Smoked Salmon or Shaved Spiced Beef - $1600


  • Lemon Pepper Calamari

Lightly Seasoned & Served on a Bed of Mixed Salad with a Sweet Curry Poppy Seed Dressing            
      Entrée $25.00   Main $30.00


  • Vegetarian Tart (cooked to order)

Golden Butter Puff Pastry with Roasted Capsicum, Baby  Spinach, Fetta Cheese, Bok Choy & Egg Served with Salad & a Sweet Curry Dressing - $19.00


  • Arancini Balls

Semi Sundried Tomato, Basil, Cheese & Rice Balls Served with Salad &
Tzatziki - $19.00


  • Bowl of Chips - $8.00                                                               


  • Bowl of Mixed Vegetables or Bowl of Salad - $9.00


  • Denotes Dishes that are Gluten Free or can be Made Gluten Free: Please Mention When Ordering



  • Crispy Ginger Tofu

        Crispy Marinated Tofu & Sweet Chilli Cream with Vegetables &    

        Aromatic Jasmine Rice - $26.00


  • Fish of the Day

Cajun Crusted and Grilled, Resting on Pan Fried Sweet Potato, Spinach, Garlic and Roasted Capsicum Topped with a Dill Mousse - Priced According to Market


  • Lamb Shanks

Our Famous Tender Lamb Shanks Braised in a Rich Tomato, Onion,  Red Wine & Juniper Berry Sauce with Mashed Potato & Vegetables                                                    Entrée $27.00   Main $33.00


  • Schatzi’s Chicken

Grilled Mediterranean Chicken Breast Resting on Wok Tossed Potato, Roasted Capsicum and Spinach        $33.00


  • Eye Fillet

Grilled to Your Liking & Served on a Sweet Potato & Onion Rosti with Wok Tossed Vegetables & Crispy Sweet Potato Topped with our Famous Caramelised Onion Hollandaise or a Choice of Creamy Mushroom, Red Wine, Garlic Cream or Creamy Pepper Sauce - $39.50


  • Denotes Dishes that are Gluten Free or can be Made Gluten Free: Please Mention when Ordering



(Vegetarian is gluten free)

Chicken  or Vegetarian

Served with Salad & Chips
Wok Tossed Vegetables & Chips

Add a Choice of the following Toppers - $29.00   



Pan Fried Calamari, Prawn, Scallops & Smoked Salmon in a Creamy White Wine & Garlic Sauce Topped with Melted Tasty Cheese


        Veg Delight

Baby Spinach, Tomato Salsa, & Roasted Capsicum Topped with Fetta Cheese & Bocconcini


         Country Feast

Grilled Bacon Rashers, Chunky Mushroom & White Wine Sauce Topped with Tasty Cheese



Shaved Ham, Tomato Salsa, Creamy Mustard Sauce & Tasty  Cheese



Choice of Rigatoni or Pappardelle

Vegetarian Pasta

Bok Choy, Cherry Tomato, Mushroom, Baby Spinach & Pinenuts Tossed in Tomato, Olive Oil & White Wine

      Entrée $19.00   Main $25.00



Bacon, Spring Onion, White Wine & Cream. Finished with an Egg & Shaved Parmesan   
     Entrée  $19.00 Main $25.00

Seafood Pasta

Tiger Prawn Tails, Calamari, Scallops and Smoked Salmon Tossed with Continental Parsley, Garlic, Chilli, White Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil    
      Entrée $25.00 Main $30.00


Spicy Meat Lovers

Chorizo, Bacon, Spinach & Potato with Chilli, Tomato & White Wine Topped with Fetta   
      Entrée $25.00   Main $30.00


Something for the Little Schatzi’s

Limited to Children 12 years and Younger

Kids Mains

Chicken Nuggets & Chips - $10.00

Battered Fish & Chips - $10.00

  • Vegetarian schnitzel & chips

  • Calamari & Chips - $10.00

Choice of Rigatoni or Pappardelle - $10.00

  • Lamb Shank & Vegetables - $15.00


Kids Desserts


With a Choice of Topping - $6.00


With Icecream & Topping - $8.0


  • Denotes Dishes that are Gluten Free or can be Made Gluten Free: Please Mention when Ordering



$14.00 Per serve


       Filled with our Famous Butterscotch Baileys Custard Cream &

       Drizzled with Warm White & Dark Chocolate Sauce  


  • Crème Brulee

       Please Ask Our Waiting Staff for Today’s Irresistible Flavour


Mille Feuille

Delicate Layers of Butter Puff Pastry Filled with Marinated Mixed  Berries & Double Cream, Drizzled with White & Dark Chocolate Sauce


  • Schatzi’s Mess

        Crushed Meringue with Double Cream, Marinated Berries &                 

        Passionfruit Served in a Glass Laced with White Chocolate


  • Denotes Dishes that are Gluten Free or can be Made Gluten Free: Please Mention when Ordering


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